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Poster: Jeff Kaplan Date: Oct 11, 2016 12:00pm
Forum: software Subject: Site changes to search results and collection pages

To all our users:
In the next few days you may notice some changes to search results and collections pages regarding placement of facets and other features. User testing and feedback indicated that people were more likely to discover and use these features successfully with the new design. All of the facets you currently use are still there, but now you will be able to create more complex, specific queries. here are some changes to note:
• Facets are now shown on the left side of pages.
• The "More" option will bring up a paginated page with all facets in the category you selected
• You can limiting results to multiple facets using the check boxes in the "More".
• You can sort facets in the "More" popup by either descending frequency or alpha order using buttons at the top of the popup page.
• The logic of results has changed a bit. Results are now more additive using boolean OR between selected facets.

NOTE: Currently facets are case-sensitive (e.g. there will be results for "Foo" and "foo".) When sorted by alpha order A-Z precedes a-z listings. But, results are case agnostic. Selecting a single word that appears in facets lists as both capitalized and lowercase will return combined results for both (e.g. selecting only "Foo" will return results for "Foo AND foo".)

We hope you find these changes to be a helpful improvement. Thank you.